Monday, December 2, 2013

Intro page finally finished

Thierry took a new photo, because the previous one was too pixelated. Mike and I worked on the title placement. It works on percentage now and looks better as a responsive design.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New version for 1965

I changed the font for 1965 because it was different from all other font on the webpage. If we kept the page the way it was, we would use this font on other areas of the page as well.
I also changed the tone of colour, as we agreed on using the green with this code: #51AB1C



Text for the website


The actual text:


1985 has brought many changes to London College of Printing, an early incarnation of London College of Communication. First of all, LCP became part of London Institute. Today, this institute is well known as University of the Arts London. Also in this year, the tower block that has over 10 floors, became property of London College of Printing.
A sad event called the brixton riot took place near our institute this year as well. It hasn't affected the college itself as much, but it has affected several students who attended it.
Charles Saatchi, alumni of our institute opened his gallery named the Saatchi Gallery, where he showcased and supported many artists while advertising LCC. It became so popular, that the Gallery was handed over to the public later in time.

Ralph Steadman
Steadman, who was alumni of London College of Print and Graphic Arts from 1961 to 1965 illustrated Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1985. With his outstanding works and being very prolific he became a very successful man in the artists' world

Neville Brody
One of the greatest graphic designers, Neville Brody, who attended our institute from 1976 to 1979 was working as a typographer in this year. From 1981 he worked as a typographer, graphic designer and art director for Face magazine. He finished his work in 1986.


The design and typography that we can see today in LCC's building was curated and designed by Morag Myerscough, and award-winning alumni of our institute. It was designed for LCC's 2010 Summer Shows called 'Power of Ten' and was created to reflect the college's typographic, print and heritage design.
This same year, many of our alumni seemed to be productive. Colin Vaines produced a film called Coriolanus, Neville Brody did “The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord” album cover and a single cover called “Party Time” by Kurtis Blow, and Ralph Steadman illustrated “Slash” album.
Rankin was commissioned by Nike to shoot a campaign against HIV/AIDS and in the same year, he founded Dazed Magazine together with Jefferson Hack, who went to London College of Printing as well.
In July, the Saatchi Gallery which he founded in 1985 was donated to the British public with over 200 artworks. This perhaps was one of the biggest events in this year.

Kwame Kwei armah
Governor of University of the Arts ends his work at the mother of LCC this year.

Bonnie Wright
Known actress from the Harry Potter Movies, Bonnie Wright, attends LCC as LCC BA Film and Television production Manager in second year while filming on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Discussion with group

We met with the group and discussed the overall layout and put it together mostly.

I tried to put together all the years

before - after

end result

I asked people to send over their images, but only Mike sent his photo, so the pictures are mostly missing. Text isn't done yet. Mine can be found in my previous post on my research summary for my years.
The team decided not to use this because there was already another version in a further process.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We put together all the designs

We put together all the designs when staying in school. I tried to play around with placements afterwords.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tower block google-streetview photo

Inspired by, I went around on google maps and made screenshots from LCC.


I made the font by tracing the font from
This font was designed by Myerscough and is not available to the public, unfortunately.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Overall look of the site

I linked some of the designs to get an idea of how the end result will look like.

We decided on some basic rules for the layout to make it look consistent.
45 degree angle
LCC's green, black, white
use the stencil font I created
Black and white images

Thursday, October 31, 2013


I used images from my research. The text will also be from the research.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I created the stencil numbers and a design

I created a similar font to the one that can be found on LCC's walls (created by Morag Myerscough)
the font is still in use here:

for text, I am using Helvetica, which is the UAL logo font

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Research: Fonts


1965. Designed for the Stephenson Blake type foundry. A very heavy, narrow, sans serif face intended for use in newspapers, for headlines and in advertisements. Aptly named, this face has a very large x-height with short ascenders and descenders.
Trebuchet (1966)
Trebuchet, designed by Vincent Connare in 1996, is a humanist sans serif designed for easy screen readability. Trebuchet takes its inspiration from the sans serifs of the 1930s which had large x heights and round features intended to promote readability on signs. The typeface name is credited to a puzzle heard at Microsoft, where the question was asked, “could you build a Trebuchet (a form of medieval catapult) to launch a person from the main campus to the consumer campus, and how?” The Trebuchet fonts are intended to be the vehicle that fires your messages across the Internet. “Launch your message with a Trebuchet page”.
Frutiger (1976)
Teletype (not actually created in 1985, but resembles)
ITC Esprit
Triplex Italic
Georgia (1994-96)
Designed in 1996 by Matthew Carter. Georgia is the serif companion to the first Microsoft sans serif screen font, Verdana. It was designed specifically to address the challenges of on-screen display and hand-instructed by leading hinting expert, Monotype’s Tom Rickner. Georgia was jokingly named after a tabloid headline ‘Alien heads found in Georgia.’ If you must have one serif face for reading on a computer, then you’ve found the best one right here.
Verdana (1994-96)
Neville Brody
Kari Pro
Nina serif
Days One
Colher (done by LCC student)
Bree Serif

Research: LCC People

Jillian Edelstein

London-based photographer Jillian Edelstein was born and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. She began working as a press photographer in Johannesburg on the Rand Daily Mail and the Star. In 1985 she emigrated to London to study at the London College of Printing. Her portraits have appeared in many publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Interview. She has worked on campaigns for Comic Relief, The Dogs Trust, The National Portrait Gallery, Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO, UNICEF, Save The Children Fund, The Royal Shakespeare Company, SONY and TESCO.
She has received several awards including the Kodak UK Young Photographer of the Year in 1986, Photographers' Gallery Portrait Photographer of the Year Award 1990, the Visa d’Or at the International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan in 1997, the European Final Art Polaroid Award in 1999, the John Kobal Book Award 2003.
Between 1996 and 2002 she returned to South Africa frequently to document the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Her award-winning book Truth and Lies, shot in large format was published by Granta in 2002. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally at venues including the National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers' Gallery, The Royal Academy New Art Space, the Tom Blau Gallery in London, the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, France, the Bensusan Museum,Johannesburg, Robben Island Museum in Cape Town, South Africa and Dali International Photography Festival, Yunnan Province, China.

Research about LCC's history

old photos:

LCP archive:

the saatchi gallery was opened

brixton riot

tower block became property of LCP

LCP became part of London Institute/London Institute formed (which is UAL now)
Jillian Edelstein started attending LCP

Ralph steadman illustrates Treasure Island
From 1981 to 1986, Neville Brody was typographer, graphic designer, and art director of the face magazine.


Award-winning graphic designer Morag Myerscough curates and designs the identity for LCC’s Summer Shows under the theme ‘Power of Ten’. The work is created to reflect LCC’s typographic, print and design heritage, transforming the College and encompassing the creation of a new piazza area outside called ‘The Triangle’.

Kwame Kwei armah acts as governor of UAL until 2010

Colin Vaines produced Coriolanus in 2010

Bonnie Wright on LCC BA Film and Television production Manager (2nd year)

Bad Tune Men Do The Swamp UK 7" vinyl single by Rian Hughes

"The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord" Album Cover by Neville Brody

Kurtis Blow, "Party Time" 12" single Cover, Club Records by Neville Brody
Ralph Steadman illustrated Slash album
Rankin was commissioned by Nike and Bono’s R.E.D in the fight against HIV/AIDS, to shoot a global Nike campaign, Lace Up Save Lives, to raise awareness about the disease.
Dazed Magazine founded by Rankin and Jefferson Hack (both from LCP)
In July 2010, Charles Saatchi donated the Saatchi Gallery and over 200 works of art to the British public.

Rebekah Brooks was awarded an honorary Fellowship from the University of the Arts, London, for her contribution to journalism.[19] She attended the London College of Communication, now part of the university, as a student.

Anthony Dod Mantle cinematrographer on 127 hours (film)

Research: Images of LCC

LCC photoalbums on flickr:

LCC exhibiting Ever After (2008) by Wiebke Leister
there was a the Who concert at LCP in 1965
LCC's Tower Block featuring Cyperpunks (1990) by Steve Pyke
the tower block, property of LCP since 1985
what LCC looks like now